Mystical Traveler

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This documentary is a Journey through the life and times of Dr. John-Roger.


Spiritual Warriors

It takes great courage to see the face of God. Read more...

Welcome to Scott J-R Productions

Scott J-R Productions was formed in 1998 by Dr. John-Roger and Jsu Garcia. Dr. John-Roger is the founder of almost a dozen non-profit organizations, is a NY Times #1 bestselling author and an internationally recognized speaker and teacher. Dr. Jsu Garcia started his career as an actor (Che, The Lost City, Along Came Polly, We Were Soldiers) before moving also into writing, directing and producing.

 Scott J-R Productions' most recent project is the feature film The Wayshower starring Eric Roberts, Peter Stormare, Jsu Garcia, Howard Lazar, Sally Kirkland and Leigh Taylor-Young. Also co-directed and co-written by John-Roger and Jsu Garcia, The Wayshower is currently touring festivals and has screened only in preview private screenings in London, Paris, Los Angeles, Price, Moab and also most recently at the Sundance Film Festival. For more information about distribution and the licensing rights to The Wayshower contact Jsu Garcia via the Contact Us tab.

 Scott J-R Productions produced a number of short films (most notably Me and My Daddy which screened in both US film festivals and private screenings) before creating their first feature film Spiritual Warriors (2006) which screened in 25 countries in over 250 private screenings. DVD distribution of Spiritual Warriors is currently handled also by Jsu Garcia and Gilgamesh Productions, and in 2008 Spiritual Warriors was the #2 ranked 'spiritual film' on Amazon.com.

 A full list of Scott J-R Productions' projects are listed in the Films tab, including trailer and synopsis.  For more information and for licensing rights inquiries about these projects please contact Jsu Garcia.

 Scott J-R Productions is commited to creating Spirit filled films, films that can reflect back to everyone the human Spirit, and make everyone laugh with tears.

John-Roger, DSS


My little Havana

Who are you?


The Past.The Guilt.The Pain.Remnants


Looking for Cuba

the limousine

The Limousine


Me and my Daddy